Would you like to feel unconditionally loved, supported and deeply held in your parenting? 

Are you wanting to step into your power as a parent and change your family life?

Reclaim more joy and connection and transform your relationship with yourself and your children.

Welcome, I am so glad that you are here. 

Would you like to feel supported and deeply held in your parenting? This is for anyone who wishes to go deeper to reclaim their power and feel unconditional love and support. When we integrate our own stories and imprints we are then able to show up to meet our children in the ways they need us too.  Transformation occurs when we are able to feel the deep shifts within ourselves and access our wisdom within.  Reclaim your true nature, feel deep love and stand in your power as a parent. I am here to walk beside you. 

I am here to offer you unconditional love and support while you navigate the ups and downs of parenting. 

1:1 mentoring has transformed my parenting and really held me while I 'Do the Work' at untangling my own imprints and stories so I can show up in the ways my children need me to. Now I wish to offer this same support to other parents.

Do you understand the theory of Aware Parenting but find it hard to implement in the moment? Or you may have just started your conscious parenting journey and would like more support?

Mentoring combines all of what I offer including Aware Parenting, The Marion Method and a deep understanding of the body and nervous system, including somatic practices. Marion Rose, Phd has been my mentor now for 4 years and I'll be forever grateful for her wisdom and support. I use the tools and principles of The Marion Method everyday for reparenting myself and connecting with my children. Mentoring consists of fortnightly zoom sessions and messenger support and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Would you like to feel more supported, empowered and connected to your children with your parenting? 

"Being supported by Shelley on my parenting journey has been one of the most nurturing and transformational journey's of my life. She is compassionate, connected, highly knowledgeable and truly holds you through one of life's most challenging journeys - parenting! I can not speak highly enough of her and highly recommend her courses, programs and mentoring ."

Lauren, Mother of 3 

What's Included:

1:1 Support

1:1 transformative parenting support with me, Shelley Clarke, let me hold you so that you can then hold your family.

Online Sessions

A one hour fortnightly zoom sessions. A deeply nourishing listening space for you to dive into your own imprints and experience lasting change.

Voxer Support

Weekday voxer support, voice messenger support Mon-Fri. Enjoy in the moment support and  listening in your back pocket.

Bonus Courses

Access to 21 Days of Play.
A self paced play course with lots of extra play ideas and information for you to access in your own time.

What's The Investment?

Single Session


90 Minute Zoom Session
Pre-session questionnaire

3 Session Pack

$660 (sessions only)
$997 (includes voxer)

6 Weeks of Support with or without voxer

3 Months Mentoring

$2422 (pay in full)
3 x $810 (monthly payment plan)

6 x fortnightly zoom sessions
Weekly voxer/messenger support

12 Months Mentoring

$9997 (pay in full)
12 x $840 (monthly payment plan)

26 x fortnightly zoom sessions
Weekly voxer/mesenger support

"Mentoring has changed my parenting journey, from one of overwhelm, struggle, yelling and reacting to feeling more unconditional love for myself and my children.  I now have tools and strategies to handle the tricky parts of parenting with deep compassion and empathy. I wish for every parent to have this support while they raise their children."
Shelley Clarke, Mentor Marion Rose Phd

Would you like to experience a change for your family in 2023?
1:1 Mentoring is for you if:

You are wanting to feel calmer and more centred in how you respond to your children.

You are wanting to learn more about Aware Parenting, Hand In Hand Parenting or the Marion Method.

You are wanting to feel more joy and connection with your parenting.

Hi I’m Shelley Clarke.

I’m a mum of three beautiful children who is passionate about helping parents and their families live with joy, calmness, laughter and connection.

I specialise in Craniosacral Therapy (CST), parent education, childhood behaviour and trauma, and work with families to help parents foster deeper connections with their children and establish household harmony. My role as a Parenting mentor has evolved over the years from my own struggles and parenting journey.  

As I searched for strategies to help my own children and learnt more about the body and our nervous system, I found some wonderful tools that changed my relationship with myself, my children and all those around me. 

As a certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, Aware Parenting Instructor and Marion Method Mentor my aim is to help shift the parenting paradigm to include more compassion, unconditional love and acceptance.  It is my wish that all children feel safe and supported to follow their own unique path.  

Connection is always the answer and I encourage parents to look behind the behaviour to the underlying needs.  When we meet the needs of our children they feel deeply heard, understood and loved.