Would you like to feel unconditionally loved, supported and deeply held in your parenting? 

Are you wanting to step into your power as a parent and change your family life?

Reclaim more joy and connection in your everyday with this 10 week parent mentoring container! 

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1:1 Mentoring 

 Would you like to feel supported and deeply held in your parenting? This is for anyone who wishes to go deeper to reclaim their power and feel unconditional love and support. When we integrate our own stories and imprints we are then able to offer this to our children.  Transformation occurs when we are able to feel the deep shifts within ourselves and access our wisdom within.  Reclaim your true nature, feel deep love and stand in your power as a parent. I am here to walk beside you. 

What's Included:

1:1 Support

1:1 transformative parenting support with Shelley Clarke over 10 weeks and access to your own mentoring portal.

Weekly Zoom Session

A one hour weekly zoom session with Shelley Clarke, a  deeply nourishing listening space and your parenting questions answered.

Messenger Support

One day Voxer (voice messenger) support for a mid week check in. Encouragement and listening in your back pocket.

Bonus Courses

Access to 21 Days of Play and Foundations self paced courses. Tons of extra play ideas and information for you to access in your own time.

I am here to listen and be with you on your parenting journey...

We all bring our own stories, trauma and imprints into parenting and relationships and often our unhealed parts will be reflected back to us by our little lovelies. Mentoring is a place to unpack and integrate these imprints. I know how hard it is to implement the 'theory' and truely create the family life you desire. Reclaim is all about feeling unconditional love, support and stepping into your power as a parent. It's about creating your own unique style that suits you and your family.

Limited to 5 Spaces

Mentoring for round one 2022 is now full.  
Second round starts May 3 2022.

1:1 Mentoring


One Time Payment


x 12 Weekly Payments

  • 1:1 Support for 3 months
  • Weekly Zoom Call
  • One Day/Wk Voxer Support
  • Access to Reclaim
  • Access to 21 Days of Play 

Course Curriculum

This is 10 weeks of 1:1 parent mentoring with Shelley Clarke, Aware Parenting, Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and Marion Method Mentor, tailored to you and your family. 

Do you want to make positive change for your family in 2022?
Reclaim parent mentoring is for you if:

You are wanting to feel calmer and more centred in how you respond to your children.

You are wanting to learn more about Aware Parenting, Hand In Hand Parenting or the Marion Method

You are wanting to feel more joy and connection  with your parenting

“Working with Shelley is a gift to yourself. I’ve had the pleasure to be walking alongside Shelley for 9 months. 9 months of being with her, witnessing her,  learning with her & having a session with her.   It always struck me how incredibly knowledgeable Shelley is. The amount of training she’s had in different areas & the experience she brings and combines in her work is amazing.

Walking with her allowed me to witness how she embodies all of those areas in the most beautiful, loving & authentic way and how this reflects in every area of her Life. Shelley’s ability to listen and to hear not only the spoken parts of a conversation but to feel into the spaces in between is something I have never experienced before.  

During our session together she pointed out connections and interweaving that I had never been able to see before. I felt so deeply seen and held by her and can only imagine how transformative working with her for a longer period of time would be. I’m so grateful for having met Shelley and am so inspired by her work & wisdom she brings to the world.”

1:1 Mentoring


One-time payment 

  • 1:1 support for 3 months
  • Weekly Zoom session with Shelley Clarke
  • Access to Reclaim 
  • Access to 21 Days of Play & Foundations Courses


x 12 weekly payments 

Hi I’m Shelley Clarke.

I’m a mum of three beautiful children who is passionate about helping parents and their families live with joy, calmness, laughter and connection.

I specialise in Craniosacral Therapy (CST), parent education, childhood behaviour and trauma, and work with families to help parents foster deeper connections with their children and establish household harmony. My role as a Parenting mentor has evolved over the years from my own struggles and parenting journey.  

As I searched for strategies to help my own children and learnt more about the body and our nervous system, I found some wonderful tools that changed my relationship with myself, my children and all those around me. 

As a certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, Aware Parenting Instructor and Marion Method mentor my goal is to help shift the parenting paradigm to include more compassion, unconditional love and acceptance.  It is my wish that all children feel safe and supported to follow their own unique path.  

Connection is always the answer and I encourage parents to look behind the behaviour to the underlying needs.  When we meet the needs of our children they feel deeply heard, understood and loved. Magic happens when we listen deeply and attune playfully.